My path to on-line posting addictions... and what to expect

For a long time I resisted various trends.

I teach college (sometimes) and held off on joining Facebook until I was badgered by professional colleagues who showed me FB wasn't just for the sub-25 crowd. Now I'm a FB junkie.

I was never that much into politics until this recent Presidential election. For some reason I followed this election after the primaries like my life depended on it. I am now going through a certain amount of political withdrawal, still obsessively reading CNN's Political Ticker, politico.com, and the political sections of major newspapers on-line although they have nothing new to say beyond the pack of snarling dogs that is the GOP these days and hypercritical analysis of every breath President-Elect Obama takes. (It will be sad if one of the big "historical" markers of his presidency is being the most scrutinzed President in modern times.)

And now I blog.

I started by posting "notes" on Facebook. I really wanted to post things that were a little controversial, but I just didn't have the guts. There's no anonymity on FB. It didn't help that the first time I went to post a note was when FB was logging me out every 3 minutes for no reason. I wrote a long ranting note about a particularly frustrating WalMart shopping experience only to have it disappear into cyberpurgatory.

So I kept myself to posting articles and such, and "commenting" on the notes and other postings of friends. The latter is not necessarily a good decision when a major election is imminent, I must admit. There are still some on-line tensions between me and a couple of friends who have strongly different political opinions than me. (I say political opinions because my political votes are sometimes different than my personal, moral opinions. But that's another post.)

But now being able to catch up with some friends across the country via their blogs, I've decided to become, well, a blogger. That, and I have waaaay too much time on my hands and a wireless internet connection.

I'm a pretty eclectic person. I'm a professional classical musician who lives comfortably alone with two cats (a.k.a., my babies, Tabitha and Simon). I am officially unemployed although I do work some freelance stuff so I prefer the term "underemployed." I love to cook and am a Food Network junkie during the day. I sing with a professional chamber choir, about which I'm sure I'll blog. I'm trying to finish my doctorate and have encountered more red tape than the IRS has; expect some posts on that subject. I am single and have a friend with whom the lines are blurred (no "benefits," just to be up-front about that) which I can guarantee will create some interesting posts as I overanalyze everything about this non-relationship. I also love watching "What Not to Wear" and my friend Sara and I have our own running commentary/cross-country exchanges on fashion disasters that we see.

Speaking of fashion disasters, laundry calls. Off to be domestic. :-)

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