Bulge Battle Update #1

Hello, friends. As I said in my "Battle of the Bulge" blog, I'm giving you an update as to how my weight loss is going.

I don't own a scale. I need to, but I just haven't gotten around to buying one. The only scale at my gym is in the office used by the personal trainers, and it isn't really for us to use. Poundage is only a number, and it is one that can be misleading. Muscle weighs more than fat. Losing 10 pounds of fat, but gaining 2 pounds of muscle obviously equates an 8 pound loss, yet the final result in how clothing fits or measurements can tell a very different story. I do have goals in pounds, but honestly I'm more concerned about how I look, how my clothes fit, and what size I'm wearing.

My workouts this week have felt great. It is wonderful to finally get back to my regular gym routine, and I upped my cardio time by 5 minutes a day, from 45 minutes active/5 minutes cool down to 50/5. My goal is to get to 60/5, and then perhaps start the "Couch to 5k" program. Even though my cardio of choice is a crossramp elliptical, I felt my arms and core weren't getting as effective of a workout as my legs and glutes. So, I purchased a balance ball at Walmart ($9, can't beat that!) and have added some arm and abdominal toning exercises to my routine.

As far as food is concerned, I've been better at my goal of eating regular meals, especially breakfast. I make sure I have some kind of breakfast, usually a bowl of "Smart Start" cereal or a bagel with whipped chive cream cheese -- complex carbs for long-term energy. Lunch has been a panini (usually turkey, swiss, & spinach on baguette with pesto mayo) and a low-fat yogurt. Dinner has had more variety and I haven't been as good at including veggies as I should, but we don't make all these changes overnight, do we? I have been content with smaller portions and I'm hardly snacking at all. My sweet tooth has made an occasional appearance, but it is satisfied with either a 100 calorie pack of Hostess cupcakes or, as in the case of last night, a couple small scoops of frozen yogurt with chocolate sauce.

For whatever reason, I decided to try on some of my clothes that used to fit but haven't for some time. Nothing is a better lifestyle change motivator than actually seeing results. I put on a couple of blazers I purchased at Old Navy about 5 years ago. Even when I bought them, they didn't really button as they should, but left open they looked fine. I haven't been able to wear them, even left open, for almost 4 years. They now button. I won't be wearing them buttoned any time soon, since although they button, those buttons look like they might pop at any moment. It's a start.

Even more thrilling were a couple of pairs of Old Navy jeans I had moved to my "doesn't fit, not even close, but I don't want to part with them just yet" closet. One pair I don't remember buying, another I know when exactly I bought them (April or May 2006) and I can tell you how many times I've worn them: once. I bought them without trying them on because I had another pair of very comfy jeans from Old Navy that were the same cut, size, everything. Only, these new jeans were smaller. I wore them once and then moved them to the back of the closet. When I tried them on (for shits and giggles) a couple months ago, they were 2 inches (at least) from closing. This morning, they buttoned and zipped without me having to lie down on the bed. I could walk and such in them. Of course, part of this was achieved by some of my corpulence being shoved up under my breasts giving me an enormous mushroom roll around my rib cage, so I won't be wearing them in public any time soon. But, again, it's a start.

Next week should also be a great week. It is the week after that which has me a little worried; I tend to get off-track when I travel. So, we shall see. Until then, I have my motivation!

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  1. Thumbs up! You are off to a great start :). Keep up the good work :).