A Plateau is Not a Setback

Today I spent a little time on the phone catching up with a good friend who is a wonderful singer and very reliable and talented blogger. The subject of our blogs came up and I admitted I hadn't been on mine recently. In fact, I haven't been doing many of the things I used to recently. It's amazing how life can get crazy so quickly!

I went back to my night job for the US Treasury Department (ok, I admit it, I work for the IRS) in mid February. Then, around the end of March, my substitute teaching became really busy. I spent 2.5 weeks working both jobs full time, as I took a 2.5 week sub request from a friend. When that ended, I took some time away from subbing, just in time for the overtime to kick in in major amounts at the IRS. I did a stretch of 19 days without a day off, and most of those were 10.5 hour days. This craziness took its toll on me physically and emotionally. It also tended to force me into eating poorly (mostly just eating out and quick) and to skip the gym. When I became ill with a really bad cold and went to see the nurse practitioner at my local Take Care Clinic, the effects of that lifestyle were apparent in my elevated pulse and blood pressure. I knew something needed to change.

School is out, and the season I work at the IRS is slowing down. I'm catching up on life and getting back into my "routine." I returned to the gym on Monday after a 6 or 7 week absence, and after making it through a half hour on the elliptical mostly at the pace I had been at (but not the resistance), I stepped on the scale. Expecting the worst, knowing my clothes were a little snugger, I was very happy to see I'd only gained about 3 pounds. Although I'm not where I wanted to be come June 1, I'm very happy to not be really any heavier than I was. It's a plateau, not a setback.

It is expected I'll be furloughed around June 17th, and school is already out. Being unemployed will have certain advantages, namely a return to a schedule that isn't nocturnal and the flexibility to go to the gym whenever and for as long as I'd like. I'm looking for work - unemployment covers most of the bills, but I'd rather be working, thankyouverymuch - but as long as I'm unemployed, gym and poolside reading sound lovely after 4 months of schedule craziness. Feel free to join me if you're in the area!

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