An Inspiration? Me?

For those who read this with any regularity, you know that the majority of my posts have been about my Battle of the Bulge. It really has become a focal point of my life. I suppose that is part of the overall lifestyle change that I'm going through, although I do hope I'm not becoming myopic. But I spent this past weekend visiting old (and new) friends in Raleigh, NC, and had a few additional eye-opening experiences.

It is nice, believe it or not, when you are picked up at the airport and the person who picks you up, upon seeing you for the first time in a year, mutters under their breath, "bitch." This, after thinking, "wow, she looks like a movie star!" (To that, I credit the Dolce & Gabana knock-off sunglasses.) So many people I saw this weekend immediately noticed that I'd lost "a lot" of weight. This included a person I'd met only once, and when I ran into her at her job SHE noticed my weight loss.

I still look in the mirror and see the work that has to be done. I think I've been gaining and losing the same 4 pounds this entire summer: I travel and gain them, I come home and lose them, and then I travel again. Even though I worked out in some way every day of this last trip, today the scale still said I was up 3 pounds. I wonder if those super-rich cupcakes from the party had anything to do with that..... but I digress. With so much up and down this summer, having this trip to reaffirm what I'm doing came at exactly the right time.

On top of that, I was told I was an inspiration. There are people I hold as to having inspired me -- one of them regularly comments on this blog -- and I see what they have done as astronomical. They've lost over 100 pounds. I'm in the murky 45 pound area, and while that's nothing to sneeze at, it's not the size of an adult person. I don't see that what I've done is anywhere near what they've accomplished. But I now have two people that I've directly inspired, and it's a little humbling.

My friend Mark in SC "blames" me for his current gym routine. Last Christmas I was out visiting him and gigging at his church, and I wanted to work out in the form of a walk. He asked if he could come along and although I warned him this was exercise for me, not sight-seeing, he really wanted to come. He thought my pace of 4+ mph was easily doable. I left him in the dust. He was really pissy afterwards, although I'd warned him, but it turned out he was pissy at himself. A week later, he got himself a membership at his local Gold's Gym and he has a trainer. He's lost a considerable amount of weight and regularly says our "little walk was a real wake-up call."

My "sister-in-law" Lisa just added her name to the list of folks I've inspired. She's a holistic health practitioner and has been doing some crazy dieting to lose weight, and she's been successful. But she also realizes that she needs to exercise. She's about to turn 50 and is harboring darker realizations, if you will, about her mortality. Lisa was aware that every day I was in Raleigh, I was working out. If I didn't make it to the gym, I did 30-40 minutes of Yoga at the house. We had several conversations about how I made the gym work in my schedule and how I made it part of my life, which gave her great ideas about how she can make exercise part of her daily routine. We are now going to text and such on a regular basis to keep each other motivated (mostly me motivating her) and we've planned that by next year we'll both be at our goals. For her, that's about 20 pounds. For me, that's 80 or so. Both are doable without starvation. For me, it's an average of 1.5 pounds a week, or 6-7 pounds a month. Or for a different perspective, about 30 pounds between now and Christmas, 24 pounds by Thanksgiving.

It's all a matter of patience and perseverance. And inspiration.

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  1. In all honesty, I think losing 45 lb is the same as losing 100 lb. You have to totally change your lifestyle. So even if you never lost another lb but you kept off those 45, you have achieved something very remarkable. But I digress! You will be able to do the rest - like you say, it's a matter of patience and perseverance. It doesn't have to happen fast; it's a lifestyle change and those take a while sometimes. Keep at it, and you will get where you want to go. And congratulations on keeping the inspiration chain going!!!