Mug Shots!

My good friend and inspiration Tammy suggested I post some pics of my weight loss to date. Frankly, I've been a little bit hesitant because while losing 45 pounds (give or take) is certainly an accomplishment, as candid pics remind me I still have a long way to go.

However, today I had to head downtown to the substitute office that I work out of (I do substitute teaching) because I needed a new I.D. badge. Even before school was out last year, the ever-honest first graders were scrutinizing my badge and saying it didn't look like me. I figured it was the hair. Well, Rose the main secretary and I put the two I.D.s side-by-side and she started laughing and said, "Yeah, you needed a new badge! How are you losing the weight?"

Here I am in September 2009, about a week before joining the gym. The day I had this pic taken was the first day I could walk at all in heels after blowing out my knee for the second time. Sorry it's a little blurry.

And here I am today, August 2010.

I still have a ways to go, but now I can see what others see. I'll try to post more pics as I hit other landmark weight-loss numbers, saving the infamous "before and after" full body shots for when I reach my goal.

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  1. That is SO awesome! Thanks for posting the pics. You do look really different, and it's not just the hair. YOU ROCK!!!!!!! But you know this, because I can tell you feel so much better already :).

    I'm honored to have inspired you - thanks!