Keepin' On Keepin' On...

Well, I haven't blogged here in almost a month and I have no good excuse except becoming gainfully employed and busy beyond belief. Two half-time jobs plus an extra gig conducting a community choir means 50 hour work weeks. The main benefit to all this -- aside from a steady salaried paycheck -- is that the busier I am, the less I think about food.

There is a downside. Two, actually. Being busy means that sometimes the gym has to be what gives in my schedule, especially since my gym isn't open 24/7. And, it also means that I'm more prone to eating out and eating fast food. No one is perfect, though.

In spite of all this, it's been a pretty good month. I'm now at the 55 pounds lost mark, woo-hoo! And this weekend I indulged in some much-needed retail therapy, buying some clothes for fall. This time a year ago, I was wearing size 22 in Old Navy jeans. The jeans I purchased this weekend are a size 16. Granted, ON has been enlarging their sizes over the past few years; the waist/hips on the 16s I bought this weekend are about the same as the 18s I bought 5 years ago, but you can't beat the ego boost.

Then again, I tried on a skirt at Target. I don't think I've ever really been able to buy anything at Target with a number size on it that wasn't in the plus section. And unlike ON, Target has been doing the opposite with their sizes -- what used to be a 20, measurement-wise, became a 22. This skirt I tried on came from the regular misses section and was a 16. And, it fit. I also tried on a dress, size 18, which was plenty roomy in the hips, but corset-tight in the torso. You win some, you lose some.

That is one problem with weight loss: it doesn't happen evenly. I've lost more from my hips/abdomen than from my rib cage area, where I have a lovely roll. I have lost in that area across my back, and some in front, but not at the same proportions as my gut. It means my shape, my curves, are always changing and that size will continue to be an issue like with the aforementioned dress. If that is the worst that I have to deal with, though, I can put up with that.

Probably the best thing I've heard recently, though, came from members of my new church. I was featured in the church's bi-weekly newsletter in the "Getting to Know You" section. I mentioned that I had lost 50+ pounds, and was working on losing another 80. More than one person made a comment along the lines of how that HAD to be a misprint, where would I possibly lose 80 pounds from, etc. I know what the scale says, and weight can be deceiving, but the ego boost was appreciated nonetheless!

So in the words of my second cousin, once removed (or whatever she is), I'm keepin' on. My next big goal: to move the lower weight indicator on the scale -- the one that does 20 pound increments -- to the left one notch. 3 pounds to go for that!

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