A New Chapter

So what started out as a blog about random things eventually became a blog about my weight loss (mostly). And it will inevitably continue on that path, but I also made the decision to start a new chapter in my life which may lead to more interesting blogging. Having now three part-time jobs that I love, even when they stress me out, resulting in a decent salary and full-time employment schedule, I am happy. I am loving life. I feel like I am in a great place, and I finally feel like I am ready to share that with someone.

Yep, I'm entering the dating world. For real.

After much consideration, I have joined a popular internet dating website on a 3 month subscription. At $15/month, it was a really great deal, especially since the last time I tried a dating service -- a Christian dating service -- it cost me several hundred dollars and resulted in one date over a year. One date. And it was a really bad date, too. In the 24 hours I have officially been a member of this site, I've already had communications with some interesting men. I'm already getting more for my money. One happens to be out in CA, and I'm really not sure if I want a long-distance thing, but you never know.

Of course, at this moment I'm temporarily locked out. About 8 or 10 months ago when I first considered becoming a member I set up a profile and did the whole compatibility questionnaire. (The profile set-up is free; you have to pay to actually communicate with other people and see their pictures.) I'm now in a different place as a person and asked if I could take the questionnaire again. They agreed and I sat down to do my revised profile. I got to the second page and hit a technical glitch. One question, no matter how I answered it, wouldn't register an answer and the page would constantly send me back to that question saying I hadn't answered it. After a phone call to customer service, I was told the issue had to be resolved higher up than the technician could handle (and it was definitely their issue, not a problem with my computer) and it would take 24-48 hours to resolve.

Meanwhile, my profile is unavailable. I have no idea if "Steve" has responded to my initial communication. I don't have the option of seeing if I have the guts to send a message to "Michael" or "Shawn." And I can't go to the second stage of communication with "Richard." I also can't see all the new matches I was emailed today. After almost 35 years of singledom, broken up by a few relationships, I'm impatient over a 24-48 hour delay. Really, I'm acting like a little kid. If 34+ years of being single didn't kill me, another 24 hours won't either. At least, that's what I keep telling myself. That, and if he is the person that has been set aside for me, he'll still be there when my profile is back up. Lather, rinse, repeat mantra.

Will I meet that special someone? Who knows. Certainly what I've been doing -- hoping for chance or blind luck -- hasn't been working. I'm not one to go to bars or other social places to meet someone, and my new jobs aren't a source of single guys my age. In the 21st century, online dating isn't what it was 10 years ago when my AOL personal was a source for some sketchy action. I have numerous friends who have had success meeting people online. Granted, I know a few who have had less-than-ideal outcomes, namely divorce, but is that really to blame on how you met someone?

So for now, stay in touch. Whether I'm blogging about weight issues or being twitterpated or having my heart crushed, I'll find a way to share the information with a touch of humor. Or, at least, dry, cutting sarcasm.

Meanwhile, I think I'll go log into my internet dating site for the 236th time since I called tech support to see if they've magically fixed the issue. I mean, it's been almost 3 hours of that 24-48...

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