Closet Purging

One thing I have consistently been in my life is fairly picky about my appearance. As a result, I do love shopping for clothes and accessories. I'm quite girlie that way. Of course, it helps when I have funds or gift cards with which to do so, and it is even more fun if I have a need to fill.

I've been in the midst of a closet purge, getting rid "What Not to Wear" style the clothing that shouldn't be in there. The vast majority of what is being removed is coming out not because it isn't stylish or appropriate, but because it doesn't fit anymore. It is just too big!

As I am approaching what may be the smallest I have ever been as an adult, I am realizing just how attached I am to some of this clothing. Today to wear to work I grabbed a pair of pants that are the lower half of a suit. In December 2008 I wore the jacket to a job interview -- unbuttoned -- but the pants? No way would they fit! Today they were so big on me, it was comical.

As I was consigning them to the "donate" pile, I was actually sad. A few other pieces in my wardrobe I'm not just ready to part with, even though they are really, honestly, too big. It feels like I've spent too much of their "lives" either too fat to fit into them the way they should be worn, or too "skinny" to wear them the way they should be. I know I've gotten wear and use out of them, and that by donating them to charity others will also get further use out of them. Still, I'm having a hard time saying goodbye.

It does, however, free up more hangers for the new clothes. 5 kitchen trash bags of old clothes are on their way to charity, once the snow and ice has disappeared sufficiently where I can haul them out to my car without the danger of falling on my arse. And I do love new clothes!


I Resolve to... Not Make Any Resolutions

Both the blogosphere and Facebook have been a-buzz with the question: what are your New Year's resolutions? Around the world, people are saying they are going to lose weight, stop smoking, eat out less, etcetera, etcetera. I have avoided posting a status along those lines, and I haven't commented on any. Why? Because I'm not making any resolutions.

Now don't get me wrong, there's plenty about me that needs attention. But I am a work in progress, and have been for some time now. Resolve to lose weight? Well, that's what I've been doing actively for the past 16 months, give or take. I intend to keep up, as it has become a lifestyle and a habit for me. So, it's not really a resolution that I can make. I don't smoke, so stopping smoking isn't an option. I don't drink that often, so drinking less makes about as much sense as giving up raw fish for Lent.

If I was going to make a resolution, something to actively change about myself, it would be to cease being single. However, that really isn't something *I* have all that much control over. To bastardize a line from one of my favorite authors, it isn't like love is something I can buy at the store, a tangible item I have yet to obtain like crackers or soap. There are steps I can take, and I've taken many of them. I've posted a profile and gotten a membership to a high-profile online dating website. I'm trying to get myself "out there" more, making new friends who, theoretically, can introduce me to their friends. Three new jobs means oodles of new colleagues -- which has been a bit of a bust, since at job #1 all my coworkers are married, job #2 all my coworkers are female (and married) and job #3 my only true coworker is gay. The other folks I'm exposed to via that job are married and the median age, I'd gander, is around 65, at least of the men. Job #1 also exposes me to many people, but so far I've yet to meet anyone male, single, and 30-45. Yet I remain optimistic.

That aside, I intend to do what I've been doing. Keep taking better care of myself, and be a better person in general. I'm not going to let a temporary misstep be a "broken resolution." I'm just going to pick up and keep on going.

And if you know any single, straight men, age 30-45 (roughly), let me know.