Long Overdue Update...

Wow, it's been a long time since I've blogged, and it hasn't been because I haven't had anything to say. The past few months have had their ups and downs, as any weight loss will have. Here are the highlights of the ups, though:
1. I am now a group exercise instructor at my gym. I have completed all the required trainings and jumped through all the hoops. I've already taught 2 classes, both Power Yoga, as a sub. I'll be taking over several classes when one of our instructors goes on maternity leave. If you had told me even 2 years ago that I'd be a "fitness professional," I probably would've laughed. I'd have laughed even harder if you'd told me I'd be teaching aerobics. Because...
2. I now have my international Zumba instructor license. If you don't know what Zumba is, go to Zumba.com and check it out. This isn't your mother's aerobics workout with Jane Fonda. This is a party, a fusion of Latin dance with hip hop that sneaks in fitness elements that you aren't aware of because you are having so much fun! I did my training yesterday, and it was the most enjoyable day I've had in a very long time. I also danced/worked out for about 6 hours, which is why I neither feel guilty about the dessert after the Chinese take-out I had last night nor about skipping my usual 2 classes at the gym today.
I have officially hit the 75 pounds lost mark. Today I was trying on some of my gowns for an upcoming gig and the gown that fits the best is the smallest (cue "squee!") which unfortunately is from my senior year of high school and is a true early 90's wonder. Remember when column dresses with high slits were the big thing? And puffy portrait collars? Yeaaaaah. I have a couple of other gowns that are okay in their fit, bigger than I prefer (one is from my senior recital in college, but is more "period neutral") but will still do. I'm going to hold off on the shopping for the time being, though.
I am dealing with one issue I was hoping to skip -- excess skin. I have come to realize that I have excess skin with some fat on my upper arms. It is a little unsightly and somewhat uncomfortable, especially during some of the Zumba stuff. I also have some on my upper thighs, but it is less noticeable. If I ever again have health insurance, I will probably consider the surgery. At this point, being uninsured and putting together a living from multiple part-time jobs, it isn't a possibility. I had hoped that I wouldn't have this issue, which is common in people who lose a great deal of weight, because I am losing the weight so slowly. Unfortunately, excess upper arm flesh runs in my family on top of the effects of the weight loss.
In the end, I'll put up with it, for the alternative -- being super obese again -- is not something I ever want to be again. Ever.

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