What a Weekend

So I haven't blogged here in ages.  I've been busy with work and my new *cough* love life.  (If you haven't seen that blog, it's MUCH more active: 36andDating.blogspot.com)

Weight loss quickie update: I haven't lost much more, but I've gained quite a bit of muscle tone and strength.  I fell off the wagon for a while, put some weight back on, then got back into it and am feeling much better.  For the first time in my life, I am wearing a size L t-shirt, and remembering easily the days where an XL looked like a sausage casing on me.  Between my original gym teaching job and another gym in town, I'm now teaching 6 classes a week and perhaps picking up 2 more -- that's 3 Zumba classes, 1 power yoga, 1 kick boxing, and 1 active older adults strength/flexibility.  If I pick up the additional 2, that'll add a pilates/PiYo and Interval/Boot Camp to my schedule.


But what I really wanted to blog about was that I had one of those weekends that was just so... weird... I have to put it down in writing somehow.  For me, it falls into the "truth is stranger than fiction" category.

Friday: Back to school orientations/inservices, always a barrel of monkeys.  I was told 8:30 only to find out we didn't have to be there until 9:00.  While chatting with a colleague, another colleague came into the classroom and decided -- while on a ton of pain killers -- to show us her incision from a recent biopsy.  Okay.  Except the incision was on her breast and she wasn't wearing a bra.  Yep, at 8:45 in the morning I'm being flashed.

Later that day, I heard a nun swear.  Well, basically.  As far as I'm concerned, and granted I haven't hung out with that many nuns, if a nun says "he's S.O.L.," we know exactly what she means and while she didn't actually say the word "shit," she was thinking it and meant it.  Ergo, a nun swore.

To round out the evening, I gave myself mild food poisoning.  How, you ask?  Questionable eggs.  I was tired and my appetite has been goofy.  I needed to go to the store and decided scrambled eggs would be quick and easy.  Except my eggs, which didn't smell suspicious, were a couple months old.  3 hours after eating them, I was awakened from a deep sleep by the urgent need to visit the restroom -- something that would happen 2 or 3 more times during the night.

Saturday: After one of my intestinal bouts, around 3 am or so, I decided to check Facebook as I was having an internal discussion with my bowels about whether or not I'd be able to go back to sleep.  I had a message from a friend from my Florida days, someone who would probably have to go more accurately in the category of "acquaintance" than "friend," but it's Facebook.  He kind of misinterpreted a comment I made and chose to bear his soul and heart to me via a FB message.  I had no idea whatsoever that he ever had any feelings for me.  Awkward.  I decided to sleep on it.

After a rough night with that whole food poisoning thing, I went to teach my regular Zumba class.  Most of my regulars were gone.  My class was a revolving door of people, and I had more kiddos than adults.  It was just plain weird, but given my energy level and being totally drained, I was okay with it.  The rest of the afternoon passed in via an epic 3 hour nap, followed by my bizarre decision to deep clean my dining and living rooms.  (If you really know me, you'll know that I'm pretty laid back about my cleaning, so for me to do a thorough dusting in addition to picking up and vacuuming, that's some pretty serious shit.)

Sunday: I had no problems getting up for church.  This, in and of itself, is very rare, because usually a 5:30 alarm sparks cursing from me.  By the time we were ready to start the first service, one shoulder of my dress was wet from a friend/member crying on it.  Times like this remind me how much I love ministry -- and I mean no snark in that comment.  Also of note: I wrote a song last week, a therapeutic and spiritual purge for some trials.  It was very warmly accepted and ministered to a lot of people in pain.  That was another major blessing.

After another nap -- and any weekend where I get TWO naps is going to be epic -- the rest of the day was spent in that angst of "do I text my crush or not?"  If you want more on that scintillating subject, go to my aforementioned dating blog. 

So... being flashed by a colleague, hearing a nun swear, getting food poisoning, having a friend declare his long-time attraction to me, and good ministry... I can only wonder what this week will bring!!

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